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Tarpaulin and Refrigerator Trucks

   Most of the vehicles in the fleet consist of vehicles with the semi-trailers of various upgrades, and most of these vehicles are semi-trailer with tarpaulins and rolling roof. We have the standard semi-trailers length of 13.6 m and 2.5 m wide, whose cargo space height is from 2.75 m to 3.0 m. Of particular importance is the fact that more than 100 semi-trailers are equipped with moulds - semi-trailers for transportation of goods in coils or rolls.

  In recent years, primarily during the transport of light and bulky goods, came to the fore vehicles with a large volume of cargo space. In this segment KONCERN SRBOEXPORT is a leader in the region, because in addition to the standard semi-trailers, the volume of cargo space is approximately 100 m3, in the rolling stock has a significant number of tandem-trailers, which measures of cargo space are 7.7 m x 2.5 m and a height from 2, 95m to 3.1m. In this way we get cargo space that are approximately 120 m3 for the transport of 38 standard euro pallets, compared to 33 standard euro pallets which can be fitted in a standard semi-trailer.




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